Do you want to change your relationship with food and heal your digestion?

Doctors, food manufacturers, Western medicine, and the prescription drug companies, are failing us. They're leaving out one crucial piece to the wellness puzzle.

We're all different.

Did you know that you're destined for greatness and a happy, healthy life? With my help, we'll uncover the unwanted stress and work from within to find your "why" and what you're really hungry for - meanwhile healing your digestion and eating real, delicious foods.

Life is about enjoying time with family and friends, enjoying the present moment, being appreciative and so much more - running to the bathroom, not being able to leave the house without fear of an accident, and not knowing how to navigate food labels and grocery stores, undoubtedly clouds our ability to enjoy the simple pleasures this beautiful life has to offer.

Discover your best self and live life at it's full potential! YOU deserve it!

For a 25 minute complimentary consultation and information on packages and pricing, please email me at

Appointments available in-person, via Skype and phone




Personal one-on-one counseling sessions are held via phone, Skype or in person

*A la carte (The Woodlands Residents Only):

Grocery Shopping Trip: $150 for 2 hrs.
Cooking at Home + Pantry Clean-Out: $150 for 2 hrs.


21 Day Transformational Nutrition Cleanse
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