This is a can’t miss docu-series starting tonight!!

The Truth About Cancer has completely changed my view of cancer and how to treat it. I didn’t know that doctors got financial kick backs from chemotherapy and how 80% of them wouldn’t prescribe conventional treatment methods to his or her family. They also don’t tell you that cancer cells have more insulin receptor sites than normal cells and grow and thrive on sugar. Someone I’m working with told me her doctor said “eat as much as you want of whatever you want since you’re going to be so weak from chemo.”

When facing a life-changing decision and getting that diagnosis, wouldn’t you want to have ALL the cards laid out in front of you to make the best decision for you?!?

Sign up here, it’s 100% free. They’re not selling any products, pills, or potions. Hear from cancer survivors, doctors, scientists and experts.

In a time where one in three women and one in two men get cancer in their lifetime we cannot afford not to watch this. Get educated!!


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