While this was a tough pill for me to swallow in the beginning – I know that it’s helped me heal in many ways.

You MUST stop eating processed food & fast food.

When I had my colonoscopy they asked me, of course after only eating jello the day before, what my next meal would be. By that point I was dreaming of the chicken nuggets, multiple sauces, waffles fries, and a diet coke. I excitedly answered “Chick-fil-a.” And…that would be the last time I had it.


I felt really good after my colonoscopy… mainly because of the cleansing period the day before. It was absolutely false hope as about 5 days later I felt even worse.

Looking back, this was one change I implemented immediately – the hydrogenated oils, the food that’s trucked across the country, frozen and processed a hundred different ways…McDonald’s fries look the same in Texas as they do in New Mexico and Hawaii…the fries alone have over 19 ingredients! This food is designed to make the trek, look and taste the same at every location, as well as send your taste buds into overdrive with the perfect ratios of salt, fat and sugar. Just because it’s served hot, does not make it “fresh.”

The chemicals in these foods cause your body to go haywire. Our bodies digest FOOD, not chemicals. There are so many opportunities for hormone disruption, and rancid oils to start altering our insides.

Cooking at home has changed my life – when you start looking at it, my fries have 4 ingredients, potatoes, salt, avocado oil, and pepper. If you crave these foods, make your own!

Just a thought… why do all of these diseases start later in life? Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmunity, etc.? These diseases are not rampant in children yet. My belief is that our bodies have the capacity to deal with toxins, but only until a certain point – and that’s when things start going wrong. If we continue to put chemicals in, at some point our body will throw it’s hands up and give up. Hormones go out of wack, cancer grows, your heart starts skipping a beat, you lose control of your  bowels. Our bodies are crying out to us to put in what we’re DESIGNED to eat – foods with the least amount of human intervention!

Praying for your health, wealth and happiness!

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