Client Q + A with Cheryl

Cheryl Before & After

  • What inspired you to improve your health?

I was inspired by my father, as he was diabetic.  Seeing him suffer so much the last year of his life made me realize how important it is to eat nutritious foods and take care of my health.  I knew there were healthier options out there and I had heard about clean eating, but I didn’t know where to start.  I’m getting older, wanted to lose weight and feel better overall.  In addition to that, once I started learning about healthier choices through April Workman, I never realized all the chemicals, preservatives, and additives in processed foods that may be contributing to my ailments.  April has shared so much information with me and taught me what to look for on labels, as so many products have unhealthy ingredients. She has also taught me how to make some of my favorite recipes into healthier versions.

  • What exactly are you doing?

I am eating whole foods (foods without labels or very few ingredients) and exercising 30 minutes every morning, a minimum of four to five days per week.  I have also given up diet sodas and coffee and have increased my water intake to 80-100 ounces daily.  In addition, when I do drink tea or lemon water and want more of a sweet taste, I use Stevia.

  • Was it difficult to give up caffeine? How are your energy levels without it?

I initially had some caffeine withdrawal symptoms, but without it I’ve lost weight and I’m sleeping better. I actually have more energy!

  • How has this new way of eating become a lifestyle and not just a temporary diet?

I have learned that there are hundreds of recipes using real foods that are delicious, don’t take all day to make, and don’t leave you feeling deprived.  I had to make meal planning a priority, as there is always temptation to grab quick and easy foods that are usually highly processed.  I do not count calories or weigh-in, but simply read labels and choose foods with the least amount of human intervention.

  • What have you experienced during your transformation – cravings, weight loss, etc?

I do have sweet cravings, but I’ve found some great dessert recipes that are very satisfying, like the almond flour chocolate chip cookies from Danielle Walker’s Book, “Against All Grain.”  I have not weighed recently, but know I am losing weight, as my clothes are getting big.   My sleep has been much better, and I have even noticed headaches to be less frequent.  This lifestyle change has made me feel better both mentally and physically.

  • What keeps you motivated?

What motivates me is feeling better every day and knowing I always have great options for eating healthy.  I hope I can help prevent getting diabetes or any other terrible disease by living a healthy lifestyle.

  • What advice would you give to someone looking to make healthier choices?

Changing established patterns and routines certainly requires focus and planning, but knowing how much better you will feel definitely makes it worth it!  I believe if you will make it a priority and take the time to read labels, and prepare healthy meals, you will see a big difference in your health.


“Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement!”

“I can’t believe I’m so excited about this!”

“I’m down 25 lbs and I have a brand new relationship with food”

“I’m down 13.5 lbs and love this new way of living!”

“I am so glad that you have benefited from this lifestyle and nutrition change – and that you shared it with all of us!!  I had no idea how tuned in this would make me feel and I can’t wait to get on the scale after.  Let me know when you plan to do another cleanse after this one.  I’ll probably join you at that time as I clearly do well with a little encouragement.”

“This has been a wonderful journey!!  Thank you again for your encouragement and for including me on the cleanse/detox team.  We are sticking with the Paleo lifestyle and feeling so darn good.”

“I have excellent healthy news to share – my Mom started the cleanse on Monday!!  She’s in Austin, helping us with Ben while I finish my degree and last week she said that she wants to look and feel as good as Lee and I do – so I handed her my new cleanse booklet (love that thing, btw) and she studied up and made the leap.  I’ve been worried about her health as she’s gotten older and increased heart medications.  I’m trying to be really chill about this, but I’m so excited for her and hope she sticks with it and sees the benefits.  Fingers crossed!”

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