Ah the joys of long, beautiful eyelashes!

I frequently get asked about mine, so I figured I would do a post! I’ve tried the lash extensions…but it took about 3 hours and they put about 100 lashes on each eye. While it was nice to relax I don’t have that kind of time or $! The refills were every two weeks and about an hour or more in the chair. While they were glamorous, I ended up yanking them all off and my eyelashes took a little while to grow back. They itched and were hard to get makeup off of them. The only other time I could imagine having them is pregnant or after just having a baby where you want to look glamorous but don’t have the time to spend putting makeup on.

Here are the lashes I use:


They’re my absolute favorite!

Lash 2

I used to use Duo, but I got word that it has formaldehyde in it so I searched for a non-toxic glue for my lids. I use Georgie Beauty’s lash glue. It’s $8 and free shipping #win


False lashes will last about a month depending on wear – no sob sessions here! If you do cry, peel them off 😉 Otherwise, peel the bit of glue off and re-use them. I usually trim mine a tad bit with nail clippers and store them in the little plastic case they come in.

My process:

1. Apply eyeliner
2. Apply mascara
3. Apply concealer around eyes, etc.
4. Apply the lashes
5. Pat with black eye shadow to set the lashes
6. Finish up the rest of your moisturizing/makeup routine

I hope you have a happy & fabulous holiday season!

2 thoughts on “LOVELY LASHES

  1. Jennifer Anderson says:

    Hi! Thanks for the info. I have used individual lashes for years and all of sudden, I’m allergic to either the glue or the lashes. I also tried different technicians but my eyes still gets red and the lids are puffy. I found out it’s the formaldehyde in the glue that’s causing this.

    I went to Georgie Beauty’s site but it does not say anything about the glue being semi permanent. You mentioned that this will last up to a month (depends on wear)?

    Thanks in advance for reading my email.


    • says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      When I said they last a month I was referring to the lash strips themselves. The glue can last for quite some time…before bed I remove the lashes and take off all of my makeup, I then store the lashes. Before I put them on in the morning I take off the old glue with my fingernails and then apply some fresh glue.

      Let me know if you have any other questions! The glue is NOT permanent and I would suggest removing any lashes every night before bed.

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