Elimination diets are a WONDERFUL tool to help you get to “food freedom.”

Everyone’s body is different and the foods you put in it are going to react differently as well. While wheat and gluten help me to pack on the pounds over time, I also found that I don’t do well with corn and many other grains.

Elimination diets are easier to follow when you lose control of your bowels – honestly, it might be one of the most challenging things you ever do. But it will change your life.

Elimination diets should be followed for a certain length of time – and that’s up to you. I personally stayed on mine for 4 months – the basic rundown was to eliminate wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, processed food, white flour, starchy carbs, and fruit. You have to focus on what you CAN have or you will become discouraged rather quickly.

I embarked on my journey without even knowing how to hard-boil an egg! If I can do it, you can do it 😉 Through this process you typically have a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to avoid – from there, you’ll figure out how to nourish yourself. I sure did eat a lot of cucumbers, celery, plain yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs in the beginning! But for the first time I could truly see and FEEL what food was doing in my body.

After trying many medications and spending hundreds of dollars with my doctor I was only getting worse. I knew that I had to give this a try. If you’re stuck and struggling – I encourage you to try an elimination diet, slowly and systematically add foods back in and see how you feel. Sometimes our bodies just need a break from all of the processed food and chemicals that we’re typically not aware of on a normal basis.

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