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After hearing Dr. Josh Axe talk about candida and some of the ways to treat it, I decided to purchase the Raw Candida Cleanse from Garden of Life to supplement my cleanse.

See the videos here and here

While watching the videos, I took some notes for you! Here’s what Dr. Axe recommends in the treatment of candida overgrowth:

1. Stop consuming so much sugar – sugar feeds yeast- added sugar, processed foods, pasta sauce, crackers, white bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal, etc. (not that all these carbs are “bad” per say, but the carbs, if unused, will break down into sugar. The replacement he recommends is stevia.

2. Eliminate grain from your diet – grain turns into sugar and is highly inflammatory – instead, veggies! Increase your fiber.

3. Support your spleen! Supported by squash, like zucchini, and barley tea

4. Support the liver – crucial in detoxification! Sour foods, like apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut

5. Support your small and large intestines with bitter foods and herbs like: kale, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric

6. Take a probiotic supplement – eliminate the yeast by eliminating sugar and grains, then load up on good bacteria.

The best way to eliminate candida overgrowth is to follow the dietary protocols. You can add supplements to boost your good gut bacteria like: oil of oregano – about 50 mg 3-4 x’s a day (no longer than 1 month), garlic, a formula like: Candida Cleanse (Garden of Life) which contains probiotics and fiber, probiotics – 50 billion 2 caps twice a day (good bacteria so the bad doesn’t flourish), vitamin D (antimicrobial to help kill yeast)


*Just a note, take it slow with probiotics – try 1 to start with and increase gradually as you might shock your system if you’ve never taken them*

Something interesting I had never heard: cold foods are hard on the spleen – interesting! He recommended broth/bone broth.

Why I’m doing this cleanse now: irritability, brain fog, hormonal fluctuation, weight fluctuation, low energy, keratosis pilaris

Why I did this cleanse in the past: sluggish metabolism, ulcerative colitis and extreme digestive issues, low energy, chronic sore throat, keratosis pilaris

I realize that it’s challenging to do the cleanse – mostly the preparation for it! I have a birthday party to go to this weekend and I know it will be tempting to drink. However, it’s worth it to stick to the cleanse. If you start putting sugar and alcohol back into the equation early on,  your results will be very short-lived and you may never make it over the hump to feeling AWESOME. Remember why you started 🙂

2 thoughts on “ANTI-CANDIDA DIET & DR. AXE

  1. Gail Christiansen says:

    Price per bottle
    how many supplements in bottle
    how many do you reccomend per day
    Do I also need plain probiotics?

    • says:

      Hi Gail! 60 capsules come in the Raw Candida Cleanse supplement bottle ($29.94 on Amazon). I’d recommend Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra (probiotic) which you’ll want to take as well. But do not take the Candida Cleanse and probiotic at the same time.

      I’d recommend starting your day with warm lemon water + 1 probiotic capsule.

      Candida Cleanse suggests taking 2 capsules per day on an empty stomach (up to 6 per day) – you could take them right before you go to bed.

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